Monday, November 29, 2010

The Waiting Room

Here I sit
A surgical waiting room

My husband's having foot surgery today
His ankle has fallen and it can't get up

Sorry...a bit of humor to calm the nerves

and...I don't mean to make light of the situation
In reality, it has fallen as a result of an extra bone and a torn tendon and he has not been able to walk without pain and a limp in a very long time

So here we are...

he behind the door...
"Authorized Personnel Only"

and I in the waiting room...filled with unfamiliar faces...a blaring TV
on the other side of the door

While I wait...
An anesthesiologist monitors his vitals while keeping him sedated
Mr. SSS...oblivious to the pain that his body is enduring
incisions being made
colleagues being consulted
bones being fused
plates, screws, stitches

while I sit in the waiting room
waiting to hear that he's okay
what choices were made by the physician for him to once again be able to walk without pain
I think...

Is this how it is with God?
He with me
The Great Physician
Behind the invisible door
I in the waiting room
I can't see Him
but He's there
Authorized by me to perform whatever type of surgery necessary
to make me His
wholly His
whatever it takes

Incisions, fusions, stitches, anesthesia
decisions as to what would be best...
filtered through His fingers of love
to make me be able
to be
all He made me to be

Will I authorize Him to make whatever decisions necessary for my life, no matter how bad it hurts to make me into the person He intended me to be? To fulfill a Greater Plan. To fuse together circumstances that, in the end, will make me be able to walk without a limp. And stitch together the hurts and sadness necessary for wholeness to return and His will to be done.

The door opens...
surgery is done
He's in recovery...did well...not as bad as they first thought
no pins, screws or plates
many incisions, stitches and
there will be pain
6-8 week recovery
a smile and a hug from the physician
"call me if you need anything"
"the pain will all be worth it"

Words to remember
I will call on my Great Physician when I need anything...
because the pain will all be worth it


  1. T - This was special. I am not a fan of being the one "waiting" in the waiting room. Most especially when it happens in THIS life with a loved one. But, if I'm totally honest, I'm not good about it with God either...

    I loved your analogy. Am I really yielding my ALL to Him? Does He have my authorization to work? Can I wait? Will I faithfully do the physical therapy He might require?

    And it occurs to me - sometimes a bone needs to be re-broken before it can be set correctly.

    So many good lessons, so many great "take-aways" in this one. Thank you for sharing it.


    Hope you know what a treasure your wife is...just sayin'

    xoxo and GOD BLESS!

  2. Tina-
    thank you for allowing us to be there with you, in that waiting room. And now a different kind of waiting...healing....time....patience....

    I also loved you last words, "The pain will all be worth it".
    NEVER heard a doctor say THAT before!
    Good reminder....lucky he has YOU to help make the pain more fact, I'm lucky to have you, too!